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09/2011. LMG-CO in the TV program "Com Ciência" (RTP2);



05/2011. Scientific paper is highlighted as "Feature Article" in the international journal Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. The findings of the study Broodstock diet effect on sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck, 1816) endotrophic larvae development: Potential for their year-round use in environmental toxicology assessment allow the year-round use of Paracentrotus lividus percent egg fertilization and percent normal larval development as tools for ecotoxicology bioassay testing.



07/2010. Scientific paper about the impact of oceanic dead zones in squid physiology is covered by BBC News;



05/2010. Scientific paper about the metabolic ecology of largest invertebrate in the oceans is covered by BBC News and National Geographic;


  04/2010. News about Transmap project in "Publico".  

04/2010. Best Poster Communication Award given to LMG members Catarina Santos and Francisco Andrade, at the International Conference on Coastal Conservation and Management'10 (Estoril, Portugal, 11-17 April 2010). The communication entitled "Marine spatial planning and environmental sensitivity index maps benefits and complementary aspects of an integrated use" highlights the potential for a more efficient and optimal use of data pertaining to coastal and marine environments, through the simultaneous development of MSP and of an oil spill management tool.



12/2008. Scientific paper about the impact of climate change in the ecology of jumbo squids is covered by New York Times, BBC News, Discovery Channel, The Times, and many others.




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